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Patiala Salwar kameez

Patiala Salwar Kameez or Patiala Shalwar Kameez is having various special historical backgrounds. There is a story at the back this name. Patiala is a name of place which is situated in Punjab north of India. In very old times, Maharaja (King) of Patiala was extremely famous. His dress was a pleated and loose type salwar with long baggy kameez with full sleeves. 
Patiala salwar kameez for women
In looks of salwar, the essential attractions include Churidar, Punjabi salwar, Parthian salwar, as the crow flies trousers and signal bottoms. In the previous two styles, the kameez is reduced in length a bit, going on top of the knees. Then, you have the Patiala salwar, which has much additional flare than the usual one. It drapes in a stylish mould, forming still folds from hip to ankle. 
pretty Patiala salwar kameez
Patiala Salwar
Patiala Shalwar kameez is a customary dress. The Patiala Salwar has a close likeness to the pathani Suit which has similar movable lowers as salwar and extended knee length top known as Kameez. In excess of the decade the dress now is not worn by men but has naturally transformed itself with new cuts and fashion into women’s Patiala Salwar.
salwar kameez
modern salwar kameez
Patiala salwar has good-looking print all over. Dupatta in stunning print with pretty laces on edges is looking amazing. As salwar kameez has selection of designs semi Patiala salwar is one the gorgeous design which looks awfully graceful on anybody who wears it. Semi Patiala salwar is a well-known Punjabi dress designed with contemporary looks and style keeping the latest fashion in mind. So when you are going to buy Patiala don’t forget semi Patiala. It’s a nice and eye-catching dress.
traditional dress
Usually the salwar of Patiala salwar kameez is having a number of pleats of special styles. The fall of pleats goes back and looks like loose with pleats. Patiala Salwar suits is very relaxed to wear. Beginning top, it has belt like any other traditional salwar and an extended tunnel for drawstring. The higher portion like traditional salwar is broad spread or has a big room for hips and legs movements. 
Patiala Salwar Kameez

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